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I am a lover of all things artful and smart, diverse and raw. I feel, think, love, and live intensely. I have sometimes been destroyed by my tendency to over-commit, but I value nothing more than this violently passionate, unendingly tragic, and unfashionably complex manner of existence.
I will one day be free from my own faults and insecurities, but until then I will collect what moves me to break into such independence through this blog. Things seen here are not mine unless I say otherwise. What you see is my way of chronicling this untitled journey, nothing more. nothing less.

Anonymous asked: What do you think happens after death?


Well, look at it this way

You are your body. More specifically, you are your brain. Your brain is stimulated by different electrical impulses.

These are you. These are your thoughts, experiences, emotions, feelings, everything that makes up you is in these.

What you understand as “you” is a constantly firing stream of electrical impulses that exists within a frail meat suit, and when that meat suit is damaged it affects “you”.

Your meat suit is also “you” because it sends electrical signals as well. These are pain, hunger, temperature, pressure, and pretty much every sense you have.

However, they are not necessary for the functionality of the main component. They can be cut off, but as long as the central unit is still firing electrical signals, “you” are still there.

When you die, activity in the brain ceases. Its a blank screen. There is nothing. “You” experience nothing. “You” are nothing. Its even dubious as to whether “you” existed in the first place, seeing as “you” were simply a mess of signals.

I don’t think there is a soul, there’s no evidence to support it. I don’t think there is an afterlife, as what evidence there is is merely speculative and based on firsthand accounts of people who never experienced complete braindeath.

I think that when you die, the stream that comprised you cuts out and doesn’t come back on, and there isn’t even static to replace it.